Working with Dr. Holub


My approach is both deep and broad, drawing on a variety of schools of thought, primarily relational and psychoanalytic psychology.

After 25 years of clinical work I still love the work that I do; work that taps into life’s essential struggles and meaning. 

A committed course of therapy has the potential to open up new paths and longed-for aspects of one’s self.  Over time, my clients have a richer emotional life, more tolerance for themselves and others, more realistic assessments of themselves and their achievements, more meaningful relationships, and more confidence in their decisions.

The path to greater internal clarity, flexibility, and stability requires a safe, and robust relationship with your therapist.  You need to feel comfortable enough to approach the sometimes disconcerting, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that a good therapy can access.  In order to begin taking the risks necessary to deeply engage the therapy relationship, you need to trust that your therapist is dedicated to keeping your best interests in mind.   For many people this includes an initial period of deciding whether to work together, what working with me might feel like, and what areas we might expect to address.   I am known to be responsive, patient, curious, compassionate, and forthright.  My dedication to my work includes my full interest, and engagement in what we learn and create together.

If you have questions about starting psychotherapy please call me.

Melissa Holub, Ph.D.