Melissa Holub, Ph.D.



  1. Bullet Individuals                    Gender Identity

  2. Bullet Couples                       Adoption

  3. Bullet Relationships               Life Transitions

  4. Bullet Anxiety                        Existential concerns

  5. Bullet Depression                  Feeling ‘stuck’             

  6. Bullet Grief and Loss             Difficulty with

  7. Bullet Parenting                     decision-making

  8. Bullet Identity                        Self-esteem


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Welcome to the web page for my Berkeley psychotherapy practice.  I am a licensed psychologist, providing compassionate psychotherapy for individuals and couples who want to improve their emotional and mental well being. 

I hope the pages here offer useful information.  However, an initial phone contact and one or more meetings in person are the best way to know whether any therapist is a potential good match for you.   Feel free to call me if you have questions about starting therapy.